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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject Re: Example Ant 1.6 build files for project with multiple WAR and JAR modules?
Date Thu, 03 Nov 2005 11:33:13 GMT
Lawrie Gallardo wrote:
> Hi Ron,
> I have searched through the Apache projects, but none of them seem to do 
> anything like I am trying to do with Ant (i.e. project containing 
> multiple WAR and JAR modules awith common build file which the 
> individual module's build files import and override, plus a master build 
> file that runs the same target(s) for all build files), or else, like 
> you say, they use Maven.
> I am interested in using Maven in the future, and when Maven 2.0 is 
> released (not just Beta, with some of the plug-ins I need not available) 
> I think this might well be the way to go. However, for the moment I need 
> to stick with Ant, but I'm really struggling to find any examples - 
> surely somebody out there must have written Ant build files along the 
> lines I've mentioned???
> Regards,
> Lawrie.

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I will point you at the project I work on by day, smartfrog, and its 
evolving build process*checkout*/smartfrog/core/antbuild/doc/third_generation_build_process.sxw

This is very bleeding edge, very complex. Its using the maven2 tasks to 
share artifacts between projects, and to pull stuff in from the net. It 
also uses ant1.7 import semantics (tuned since ant1.6), so some projects 
only build on Ant1.7 (and java1.5, that is a side issue).


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As and when I complete the second edition of Java development with Ant 
(yes, I am behind schedule), there will be some sample stuff that does 
it more simply. I havent written the target to zip up all the source 
tree to provide an example, but I could do that in the next couple of 
days if you'd like.



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