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From Dominique Devienne <>
Subject Re: Copying specific files with full path specified
Date Mon, 21 Nov 2005 21:44:02 GMT
> I am trying to copy a list of files, which have fully qualified paths
> EG: "/foo/bar/myfile.jar, /goo/car/myotherfile.jar"
>  or "F:\foo\bar\myfile.jar, G:\goo\car\myotherfile.jar"
> (1) use for loop.  For example:
>                <for param="file" list="${files.lib.remote}">
>                        <sequential>
>                                <copy file="@{file}"
> todir="${dir.dist.uses}"/>
>                        </sequential>
>                </for>
>  This approach generates this message:
>     Warning: Could not find file /build/path/   /foo/bar/myfile.jar to copy.

If I remember right, you can't have spaces after the comma.

Plus I think you'd need to use <copy file="" tofile="">, and not
todir="", no? Maybe using file+todir does an implicit flatten mapper?
I've only ever used file+tofile, and filesets+todir, where the
relative path in the fileset to appended to todir.

OK file+todir seems a valid combi from the manual, but it's unclear
whether it flattens or not. I would guess yes, similar to a cp unix

> (2) use pathtofileset. For example:
>     /foo/bar/myfile.jar is not relative to /

This sounds a bit like a bug. --DD

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