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From Ivan Ivanov <>
Subject Re: Question on how to to debug mapper issues
Date Tue, 22 Nov 2005 02:08:30 GMT

in most cases I have found that running ant in verbose
or in debug mode by supplying -v or -d options
corresoindingly helps find what is going wrong.

In your case, I can make only the following random
1) Are your java sources located in src/ directly? If
you have some packages than you have to declare
<srcfiles> in the following way:
<srcfiles dir="src" includes="**/*.java"/>
2) I found that using relative locations in "to"
attribute of <mapper> to be tricky. I would rewrite it
a little bit:

<property name="project.classes"
<uptodate property="is.uptodate">
  <srcfile dir="src" includes="**/*.java"/> 
  <mapper type="glob" from="*.java" 


--- "Brown, Carlton" <>

> As I'm learning Ant, one thing I miss bitterly is
> the ability to print,
> echo, or otherwise inspect every piece of data in
> order to see where
> things are going wrong.  I'm having some trouble
> with a mapper
> statement, and if anybody could tell me how to
> observe what's getting
> matched by the asterisk, that would be great.
> For example, if I had a fragment like:
>                         <uptodate
> property="is.uptodate">
>                                     <srcfiles
> dir="src"
> includes="*.java"/> 
>                                     <mapper
> type="glob" from="*.java"
> to="build/classes/*.class"/>
>                         </uptodate>
> Some variations of the above task don't work, and
> I'd be so happy if I
> could see what my "to" and "from" attributes are
> evaluating to.  It
> would be great if there were some way to echo out
> the asterisk value,
> unfortunately I haven't come across a way to do
> that.   If anybody has
> an answer, I'd be much appreciative.
> Somebody is bound to point out that the above task
> works as written,
> which is true.   So I'll mention that what I'm
> trying to do is compare
> subdirectories of the src structure rather than the
> entire thing.  By
> varying the dir attribute of the srcfiles task in
> parallel with the "to"
> attribute of the mapper task, I can get as far as 3
> subdirectories deep.
> But if I try to drill farther than the parent of the
> directory
> containing the actual *.class files, the property
> doesn't get set.   So
> I'm trying to figure out why this is happening. 
> -Carlton

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