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From "Marc H. Graham" <>
Subject RE: List of directories that contain a file
Date Tue, 08 Nov 2005 22:38:23 GMT
I can't say I understand this. And I couldn't get it to work. It seems
that it will only look in the immediate subdirectories. I need it to go
arbitrarily far down.

I ran this:

<project name="TestThings" default="test">
<taskdef resource="net/sf/antcontrib/antlib.xml">
<property name="DIR" value="k:/builddir/webheatmaps"/>
<target name="test">
   <foreach target="printme"
        <dirset  dir="${DIR}">
          <include name="*" />
          <present targetdir="${DIR}" present="both">
          <mapper type="regexp" from="(.*)" to="\1/makefile.mak" />
<target name="printme">
   <echo message="${thing}"/>

And I got (minus verbiage):

     [echo] K:\builddir\webheatmaps\Server

Despite the fact that there are four directories that I'd like to get,

WebHeatmaps>find k:/buildDir/webHeatmaps -name 'makefile.mak'

What exactly do these things say? The dirset, without the <present>,
should be all the subdirectories of ${DIR}.  No? What exactly is the
<mapper> operating on? All the directories? 

I can't say any of this makes sense.
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From: Dominique Devienne [] 
Sent: Tuesday, November 08, 2005 3:02 PM
To: Ant Users List
Subject: Re: List of directories that contain a file

> Can anyone tell me how create a directory list such that each
> contains a file with a given name? dirlist patterns test the name of
> directory. I want to test if the directory contains a file with a
> name.
> I can get the paths to the files with filelist, and then I could
> the dirnames. Do I have to iterate using foreach? How do I get the
> result to be a list of directories to pass in to some other task (in
> this case subant)?

Here's an example. --DD

    <!-- Gets all the directories with a Javadoc-generated index.html
    <dirset id="-docdirs" dir="${javadocs}">
      <include name="*" />
      <present targetdir="${javadocs}" present="both">
        <mapper type="regexp" from="(.*)" to="\1/index.html" />

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