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From <>
Subject Issue using ReplaceRegExp
Date Fri, 21 Oct 2005 13:09:05 GMT

Hi All,
         I am trying to use ReplaceRegExp but finding it difficult to
cope with it.

	 There is a log.txt file generated from my build.xml using
record task which looks like this;
	        [java] Done!
              [java] bytes read: 111059499
              [java] bytes written: 111059499
              [java] parts created: 11
              [java] time used: 46.562 sec.

	Now I wanted to use the value of "parts created" which is "11"
but I am not able to use ReplaceRegExp properly
	It is giving me error message:

	No supported regular expression matcher found

	I am using jdk1.3.1_11

	I noticed one thing before [java] text there are 5spaces

	The whole idea is that I wanted to use this log.txt file as a
property file, which I am unable to, and as a
	Experiment I have done something like this in my build.xml file

	<target name="try-rep">
		<replaceregexp file="log.txt"
			<regexp pattern="[java]" />
			<substitution expression="\0"/>

        If I want to use this log.txt file as a property file than I
think I have to replace the strings till : (colon)

  Can anyone help me out?


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