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From Bob Noonan <>
Subject Need to expand *.txt in java task
Date Fri, 28 Oct 2005 18:17:33 GMT

Please forgive my stupidity, but I have spent hours on this ...

Given the following Unix/Linux command line:

         java  Test.Main  -all  *.txt

I wrote the following ant task:

         <java  classname="Test.Main">
             <arg value="-all" />
             <arg value="*.java" />

Test.Main reports it cannot find file *.java.

So I replaced the 2nd arg with a <fileset ... />.
The ant java task reports that it does not accept <fileset>'s.

Similarly, I tried nesting a fileset within an arg.  Illegal.

I checked the O'Reilly Ant book and
without finidng a solution.
I am clearly missing something.  It should not be this hard.


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