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From Wim Deprez <>
Subject Re: AW: corrupt .png-files
Date Thu, 06 Oct 2005 15:50:47 GMT
On 10/5/05, Ron Wheeler <> wrote:
> Just a wild thought. Have you told Eclipse that pngs are binary?

Yes, I checked Eclipse: Window > Properties > Team > File Content ;
and there I see:

   Extension   |   Contents
        ...         |      ...
        png       |   binary
        ...         |      ...

I guess that is enough, or need I check more? wrote:
>Maybe you use filters on that binary files.

Hmm, not that I know of? I checked the preferences and the properties
and did not find anything related to "png" (except the thing mentioned

On 10/5/05, Ron Wheeler <> wrote:
> Is it possible that the pngs are already corrupt before the Ant task runs?

I presume that is a possibility. I know that the pngs are fine when I
/imported/ them in Eclipse. Does that answer your question? If I
double click on a png in the "Navigator" View, than the png is just

The only thing that happens to the pngs is that they get JAR'ed in an
archive together with some HTML's and such. I am doing more
"research", but if any help is most welcome.

Thank you for the suggestions,


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