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From "Jon Skeet" <>
Subject The good ol' JUnit problem
Date Fri, 28 Oct 2005 08:50:51 GMT
Currently, our build uses a modified distribution of Ant - all the
optional libraries we need are bundled into the lib directory. We use a
similarly modified version of Eclipse (i.e. the Ant part has the same
changes made).

Needless to say, this is somewhat suboptimal. I want to move to a system
where we can change versions of Ant and Eclipse easily, without having
to perform the modifications again. With imports, this isn't too hard
(because I can have our own "lib" directory with a taskdefs.xml project
which can be imported from any build which needs them). I believe this
should solve our problems for everything *except* for Junit.

None of the solutions in the FAQ seem very satisfactory to me,
unfortunately - they're not upgrade-friendly. Here are my ideas:

1) Copy the JUnit jar file into ant/lib if it's not there already, and
document the fact that tests won't work first time.
2) Remove ant-junit.jar from ant/lib if it's there, and document the
fact that tests won't work the first time.
3) Tell everyone to have an ANT_OPTS environment variable of "-lib xxx"

Again, none of these are terribly appealing, but at least they don't
require changing stock installations beyond what is possible within a
build file itself. Of course, they *do* require knowing where the
ant/lib directory is - is there a recommended way of knowing that?

Possibly modifying the stock Ant just to remove ant-junit.jar is the way
forward. (I prefer this to adding the junit jar file to ant/lib, as that
makes it harder to change versions of Junit.)

For Eclipse, I can modify our "template workspace" to give Ant an extra
global entry to the JUnit jar file. That shouldn't be too bad.
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