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From "Remo Liechti" <>
Subject Logging - I need a concept
Date Fri, 28 Oct 2005 10:44:28 GMT
Hi all
I have to implement a loging function to my ant scripts, but I really
don't know how to do it...

I got a script like this like the one attached.

In this script I have some echos, do some file deleting, ftp upload and
call three java programs.

The stuff that has to be logged in ONE file SOMWHERE(this location has
to be configurable). I write the things in order like they run in the

Who started the script -> username of the windows logged-in user
When did he start the script
Which files have been deleted from which location
The system outputs of the java programs
The echos of the ant script, and the echos of the subscripts proceeded
by the "ant" task.
Which ftp actions proceeded: example: which files have been uploaded to
which location

I read the Listeners & Loggers page in the ant documentation, but didnt
get it how to realise such a logging I need.

Any hints or ideas?



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