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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject Re: Importing files - at the end of the file or not?
Date Thu, 27 Oct 2005 09:35:46 GMT
Jon Skeet wrote:
> I'm trying to update our build procedures using some of the guidelines
> in
> They claim that an imported file is added to the *end* of the importing
> file. That would suggest to me that top-level tasks in the imported file
> would get executed *after* the top-level tasks in the importing file.

I was wrong. I found out I was wrong last week. I will go back and 
change the document.

In Ant1.6.0 the imports where tacked in at the end, but somewhere 
between then and ant1.6.5 imports were fixed to go in inline.

Sorry jon.

Note also that that doc is about ant1.7. Some bits of it are untrue 
w.r.t Ant1.6 :)
> I would *expect* (but not desire) the result to be:
> Importing
> Imported
> In fact, the result is:
> Imported
> Importing
> That's absolutely what I want, in fact - because the files I want to
> import will be defining tasks, setting properties etc. However, I'd
> really like to know that the behaviour is going to stay the same, *and*
> in what way "imports are imported to the tail".

Imports are now imported where they are.

> On a side-note - it's nice to be back on the list :)

welcome back. I believe you still have write access to the -now SVN- 


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