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From Tim Meals <>
Subject Re: How can ant detect it is running on a 64 bit machine?
Date Fri, 14 Oct 2005 03:03:18 GMT
Patrick --

Although it's not cross-platform, you could get the value of 'uname 
-m'.  On my Gentoo P4 laptop, it's i686 whereas System.getProperty( 
"os.arch" ) gives i386.  Same discrepancies for an Intel EM64T -- uname 
-m gives x86_64, os.arch is amd64.  Then again, I'm using an IBM amd64 
JVM on that machine.

My guess is the 64-bit Intel machine you're running on is using a 32-bit 
JVM.  So, Java will only really return the architecture of the _JVM_, 
which isn't really the OS.  Is a bit of a misnomer on Sun's part.  
Perhaps they should've called the system property jvm.arch.

Best of luck,
Tim Meals
Applications Developer

Marion, Patrick wrote:

>	have ant tell me whether I am running on a 64 bit architecture.
>I thought the solution was:
>	check for the value of the "os.arch" property.
>Unfortunately, if I can make something out of the value returned on Windows
>("amd64) I can't on Linux (it returns "i386" which is identical to the one
>on a 32 bit machine); solaris sparc just returns "sparc".  The only os.*
>properties which seem to be available to ant at start time seem to be:
>"version", "name", and "arch".
>Any suggestion on how to better handle this? 
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