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From <>
Subject AW: Ant or Subant question
Date Wed, 26 Oct 2005 07:22:03 GMT
>However I was asking myself another question. What happens 
>with the basedir project's attributes? 

>From the manual
  "If you want to run directory1/mybuild.xml, directory2/mybuild.xml, ...., use the antfile

  attribute. The subant task does not set the base directory for you in this case, because

  you can specify it in each build file."

>I saw you can pass a 
>property, but what happens if there exists already defined 
>basedir property and you pass one to the build you are calling 
>with subant? 

Properties are immutable - first wins.
And the first should be the value you pass into - but just try it out.

>I know that properties are immutable, but I also 
>know that basedir is a "special" property, which reminds me another
>question: what is the special of the basedir property?

Relative paths are relative to ${basedir}.
${basedir} is set by Ant even if you dont specify it as attribute. It´s the directory
of the build.xml.


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