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From Dominique Devienne <>
Subject Re: forked VM issue
Date Fri, 21 Oct 2005 13:59:25 GMT
On 10/20/05, James Taylor <> wrote:
> In the build file I have a junit task and I want to put in a batchtest task
> with a fork = "yes" option… but the VM breaks as the task starts a seperate
> VM that seemingly disregards the ANT_OPS -client environment variable.

Right. ANT_OPTS is only used to start the "main" Ant VM.

> The work around is to set the junit option <jvmarg value = "-client" />
> which gives the forked junit VM the client switch,

That's what you need to do indeed.

> but I would like to fork the batchtest not the junit task.
> Question is how to?
> …I want to run each test in a separate VM, maybe forking the junit task
> might do this anyways?

That's what fork=true does, by default. The <junit> task itself is not
forked. It forks the tests with a little bit of the Ant runtime for a
custom JUnit TestRunner.

> …I'm a little confused. If I make a test suite and add the test cases to it
> will they run separately so maybe I'm getting too complicated?

Don't mix test suites with <batchtest>. look at the new forkMode
attribute of Ant 1.6.2. You want the default of perTest. --DD
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