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From Dominique Devienne <>
Subject Re: Pure Ant
Date Wed, 19 Oct 2005 00:54:28 GMT
On 10/12/05, Alan Gutierrez <> wrote:
>    I've spent the past few days configuring Ant, and doing my best
>    to avoid external dependencies in the build. It is working.
>    I don't like seeing 3-5 targets scroll by just to set
>    properties, though. I'm ready to adopt Ant Contrib if it means
>    making the build less verbose, and hopefully faster.
>    I am using some outside tasks to build the code, but except for
>    Ivy, I'm not using any to run Ant itself.
>    What is your experience? What happens to an Ant build when you
>    start getting into dependencies? Does Ant contrib fill in the
>    blanks nicely, or will I just keep adding dependencies?

Do you mean that the way to do conditional with "pure" Ant with
target's if/unless is not what you want? Then by all means use
Ant-Contrib. If has excellent tasks like <for> and <outofdate>, and
also <if>, <trycatch>, and <propertyregex>. Some of these belongs to
Ant code IMHO, when others probably not, but it's a good bag of tasks,
and there's nothing wrong with using them. Just drop the jar in
ant/lib, declare xmlns:ac="antlib:net.sf.antcontrib", and start using
<ac:if>. --DD

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