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From "Anderson, Rob (Global Trade)" <>
Subject RE: webpshere application server 6 , ant and versions of ant
Date Mon, 24 Oct 2005 17:21:23 GMT
> -i understand that WAS comes with its own ant version: is it 
> jus a  matter of libraries and jars injection in the standard 
> version of ant?Can i continue using the standart ant while 
> importing the specific WAS jars?

Best way to continue using the standard ant, while still having access
to the was specific tasks, would be to find the was specific task
classes and create a jar that contains only those classes to include in
you standard ant. In WebSphere 5, these classes are already packaged in
such way that you could just copy $WAS_HOME/lib/wsanttasks.jar to
$ANT_HOME/lib/ and then add some taskdefs to your build file (not sure
what these should be). 

> -on which ant version is the WAS v 6 built?

Doesn't matter.

> -Has anyone experienced this and can provide links , docs , advise?

IBM may be able to provide more information about the taskdefs needed in
your build.xml. It looks like the ant included in WAS uses an IBM
launcher, which probably takes care of the custom WAS taskdefs. 

I'm curious...Why not just use the ant that IBM provides?

-Rob A

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