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From Frank Arensmeier <>
Subject Configuration of .htaccess file
Date Mon, 26 Sep 2005 07:37:09 GMT

I am new to Apache and I ran into a problem which I haven't found a 
solution for yet. My server is Apache 1.3.33 on Mac OS X (the bundled 
version). I am looking for a way to configure a .htaccess file the 
following way:

1) in a certain path of my webserver, all 404 errors should be grabbed 
and forwarded to a PHP script
2) I don't want Apache to send any headers before the PHP script
3) For your information only: The request is checked by the script and 
the script will output a 404 header under some circumstances.

The most important part for me is the second one. For now my .htaccess 
file only contains the following:

ErrorDocument 404 /link_to_PHP_script.php

Obviously, this does not prevent Apache from sending a header with a 
404 message. I saw in the Apache manual a module called ErrorHeader, 
but I am not quite sure how to use this. When I extend the .htaccess 
file with, e.g. ErrorHeader unset 404, my server gives my an internal 
configuration error. And then, if I would unset a 404 header, would the 
other part ("ErrorDocument 404 ...") still trigger the PHP script?

Google was not my friend this time, I would like to add.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.


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