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From Martin Senger <>
Subject RE: Empty arguments on the command-line under windows
Date Thu, 01 Sep 2005 16:16:46 GMT
> IMHO you are being "helped" by the windows command processor. I think it
> treats whitespace as meaningless.
   Exactly. That's my current understanding of what is happenning. And
because this is an OS-dependent feature, I think (IMHO) that Ant when it
calls Runtime.exec to call an external process, it should use an
OS-specific launcher - and replace empty arguments with two double quotes
- which will be interpreted by windows command processor as an empty
argument, but will not be ignored.

> My suggestion would be to pass the ${} argument as a keyword and
> value then base the programs behavior on the value of the keyword parameter.
   What do you mean by "keyword and value"? Do you mean like a java
property -Dkey=value?

   Cheers and thanks,

Martin Senger
   skype: martinsenger
consulting for:
   International Rice Research Institute
   Biometrics and Bioinformatics Unit
   DAPO BOX 7777, Metro Manila
   Philippines, phone: +63-2-580-5600 (ext.2324)

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