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From Troy Daniels <>
Subject Re: Force javac to overwrite class files?
Date Thu, 08 Sep 2005 15:29:19 GMT
At 05:11 AM 9/8/2005, Richard Gaywood wrote:

>Hi list!
>I'm modifiying a slightly complex existing[1] build script for our J2EE web
>services app. I currently have two compile targets which compile class files
>with or without Emma modification. [aside for those who haven't seen it:
>Emma is a code coverage calculation tool that works by modifying the .class
>directly before it runs]

You could modify the build so that instead of compiling to ./classes (or 
whatever you actually compile to) both times, the first time compiles to 
./classes-emma and the second time compiles to ./classes.


>So, during our nightly build-and-unit-test cycle, Anthill pulls down the
>source from (groan) Visual SourceSafe, Ant kicks off, compiles them,
>instruments the classfiles, runs unit tests. It should then recompile the
>code, skip the Emma instrumentation, compile a WAR, and deploy to a staging
>server. But, because the timestamps of the java files don't change, the
>second <javac> invocation (without the Emma instrumentation) doesn't compile
>anything -- which means Emma instrumented class files end up in the WAR,
>which doesn't work at all.
>So, I tried inserting depends= to my clean task before each compile, but of
>course, Ant sees the multiple calls to the target and optimises them into
>one call!
>I tried looking for a "force overwrite" mode in javac, but it doesn't have
>one I've seen. I also tried using <touch> to change the timestamp of the
>source files to force the recompile, but the files are read only so that
>doesn't work either.
>Next plan is to rewrite my compile task as a macrodef so I can more directly
>control the flow of logic, so that I can call a clean macrodef multiple
>times. But that's going to entail a lot of knock-on changes elsewhere in the
>build system. Does anyone have any other ideas I've overlooked before I dive
>in and start pulling it to pieces?
>[1] I wrote it, but too long ago, so it might as well have been written by
>someone else now!

Troy Daniels
781-273-3388 x218

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