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From "Barak Yaish" <>
Subject RE: Find - is there parallel ant task?
Date Wed, 14 Sep 2005 07:39:25 GMT
Perhaps I'm not clear enough, so I'll attach an example.

Lets say there is files A, B, C, D. I would like to select from {B, C, D} only the files that
are newer than file A. For this purpose I guess I should extract the timestamp of A and then
use in the date selector. My first question is: how can I extract the timestamp of A in order
to use later in the date selector?
My second question is: is there more straightforward way to achieve my goal?

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Subject: RE: Find - is there parallel ant task?

"Barak Yaish" <> wrote ..
> I'm appreciating the useful answer - I'm doing my very first steps with
> ant and not aware yet to all its features, so questions I cannot answer
> using google or ant site, I'm directing to the list.
> Your suggestion is work, of course. Now I'm looking for a way to find a
> set of files, which are newer than a certain file (sometimes an hard coded
> timestamp is not available in my project). As I saw in Date selector, the
> comparison is based on hard coded timestamp, millis, etc. Can you, please,
> suggest a way to define a fileset newer than a certain file?

What other way is there to know if a file is 'newer' other then comparing file timestamps?
perhaps u also want to know if there is a delta between files? Ant has many selectors for
refining how to 'select' a file.

Perhaps u are looking for something a bit more procedural, I would suggest checking out the
<outofdate/> task contained in the useful ant-contrib lib

otherwise what u want is achievable, as prev mentioned with selectors (which creates the fileset
that can be used by other tasks), and if u need to print it out use pathconvert.

gl, Jim Fuller

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