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From Antoine Levy-Lambert <>
Subject Re: Zipfileset problem. Help!
Date Wed, 28 Sep 2005 19:02:26 GMT

run your build with ant -debug to figure out exactly which directories
are scanned by ant.

the second zipfileset might be better rewritten
       <zipfileset dir="reports/daily/install" includes="**" />
meaning :
I want all the files located under reports/daily/install

what you wrote
       <zipfileset dir="reports/daily/install" includes="**/install" />
means :
I want to have all the folders called install located under
reports/daily/install, which does not sound likely.


S I wrote:

> Hi
> I'm trying to create a zip file of a parent folder with many
> subfolders with many different file types in each subfolder.  However,
> I'm only interested in the *.rdl files in each subfolder and one
> subdir under the parent folder to be included in the final zip file. 
> I want the .rdl files to sit at the root of the zip file w/o exporting
> their subfolder names.  But I'm not successful.  This is the way I
> have written the Ant script now:
>    <zip destfile="">
>        <zipfileset dir="reports/daily" includes="**/*.rdl" prefix="/" />
>        <zipfileset dir="reports/daily/install" includes="**/install" />
>    </zip>
> Where reports/ is the grand parent right on my drive C:, daily is the
> parent folder, and there are about 50 subfolders under daily.  I'm on
> WinXP desktop by the way.
> Doesn't matter whether I set prefix to space or slash, the .rdl parent
> folders under daily are still included but reports/daily itself is not
> appended. And as for the 2nd zipfileset, **/install doesn't work.
> Thanks
> Steven

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