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From Barry White <>
Subject Re: Specifying the java runtime for Ant
Date Thu, 15 Sep 2005 09:47:30 GMT
Hi Andy,

are you just trying to ensure that your sources will compile to be, say, 
1.3 compliant? This was a problem that I faced for a while and I believe 
it was solved on this mailing list. I thought specifying 
source/target=1.3 should or would be enough but it is not - you have to 
specify the bootclasspath:

<javac source="1.3"
        destdir="${classes}" />

Hoping that this was your problem ;)


Andy Wickson wrote:
> Hi,
> I know that using <javac ..... executable=<PATH TO JAVAC>
> I can specify the javac that I want to use for a compilation but is it 
> possible to do this the other way round?
> I.e., I want to explicitly specify to Ant the runtime to use for itself at 
> startup (one which it won't find as default in the $PATH) and then use the 
> default javac for the compilation itself. 
> Thanks,
> Andy

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