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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject Re: When is <apt> task being added to main branch?
Date Mon, 12 Sep 2005 15:13:19 GMT
Mark McKay wrote:
> Steve Loughran wrote:
>> Mark McKay wrote:
>>> I'm aware that an <apt> task for using the new Java apt utility 
>>> exists and is in an experimental branch of Ant, but I'm not sure how 
>>> to find it or add it to my current distribution of Ant (I'm using 
>>> 1.6.4 at the moment).
>>> I was wondering when this task will be added to the main branch of 
>>> Ant?  It seems to be both useful and would make the ant toolkit more 
>>> 'complete' with the Java 1.5 spec.
>>> Also, how would I go about finding and installing the current 
>>> experimental apt task?
>> you need to check out the HEAD of ant from CVS, and build it. It will 
>> be in Ant1.7
> How do I check out the source?  I found the SVN page at 
>, but it's not clear what [project] is 
> supposed to be.  Is there a way to check out using a regular CVS client?

I think CVS may be in sync, but better to use SVN if you can. I use 
SmartSVN, the java client, and give it the full URL to the repository; 
it does the rest.

The URL you want is  ; 
use https if you think a proxy is going to interfere.
check it out, build it by
bootstrap  or sh bootstrap.bat
build install-lite  or sh  install-lite

Making the optional jars is harder; look at fetch.xml to see how to 
download the OSS libraries you need for the majority of optional things; 
install these into lib/optional to compile, lib/ to use


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