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From Nicolas Vervelle <>
Subject Re: Refresh the navigation view from build.xml
Date Thu, 08 Sep 2005 05:38:18 GMT

Ana Gaspar Martínez wrote:

>> Is there any mode of refresh the navigation view from the build.xml 
>> file?? I create folders and files, and there are not visible under i 
>> refresh the navigation view...
>> Do you mean under Eclipse ?
>> If so, just select "Run / Ant build ..." once (select the one with 
>> the ...) and among the options, you have it.
> Yes, under eclipse. I do that you say, but i would like to avoid user 
> to make that if it is possible....

Note: you only have to do the "Run / Ant build ..." *once* on each 

I am not sure, a few things have change between Eclipse 3.0 and 3.1.
I only have 3.0 right now, so I can't check for 3.1.

A few things you can try :
- add a builder to your project (Right click on project / Properties / 
Builders / New ...) so your build.xml is run.
- I believe there are a few Eclipse Ant tasks in Eclipse, maybe you can 
find one for refresh (I am really not sure)

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