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Subject Re: wanted ideas for managing project build dependancies..
Date Wed, 07 Sep 2005 11:26:30 GMT
Mark Lybarger <> wrote ..
> our build system is growing rapidly. we've gone from using wsad to build
> each war/ear manually, to having ant scripts for building each item, and
> wrapping it together with a main "autobuild" project which basically checks
> out each sub project and calls it's build. now we're looking to integrate
> versioning into the mix. there's maybe 14 projects total, and continually
> growning. the structure is something like:
> autobuild
> project1Web
> project1
> project2Web
> project2
> where project2Web is the war project, and project2 is the ear project.
> for 
> no good reason, we have each war wrapped into an ear. this practice 
> continues today. back on track. like i mentioned, the autobuild ties 
> everything together. it does a cvs co on each project, then iterates the
> builds. we've recently branched project2Web and project2 to allow new 
> development to happen while testing finishes up on a version of project1Web
> and project2Web that are slated for production soon. so, i'm looking for
> a 
> good method for managing the cvs branch dependancies of projects. 
> project1Web is still in the head, as there's no real reason to branch yet.
> one suggestion made from our group was to branch the autobuild project,
> and 
> in there checkin the build.xml or properties file containing a list of
> the 
> needed cvs branches.
> any thoughts / ideas on managing the revolving cvs dependancies in projects
> like this is much appreciated.!

use Ivy !

gl, Jim Fuller

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