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From "Rebhan, Gilbert" <>
Subject Problem with param expansion
Date Fri, 02 Sep 2005 08:30:16 GMT


after fixing my other problems with <for> and
property expansion, one problem remains =

my script has =

<assert name="${updatelist.@{Lum}}" execute="true">
<for list="${updatelist.@{Lum}}" param="copyfile">
	<echo message="... copy -> @{copyfile}" />
	<exec executable="ksh">
	<arg line = "scp -p -r @{copyfile}
user@@{server}:project/@{Lum}/opt/andromeda@{copyfile}" />

i'm using the exec because with ant and scp task i have no option
to preserve the timestamp

[ feature request = preservelastmodified for scp task ]

but the arg line get's expanded as =

... userservername:project/ ...

the parts omitted with ... are all right

but the scp command needs user@servername

i've tried with user@@@{server} but that get's expanded as :

... user@{server}:project/ ...

Question =

Any hints how to get my arg line expanded right ?

Maybe there's an option like writing &lt; instead of < ?

Maybe there is a workaround with scp task that preserves
the timestamp of the files even without a preservelastmodified
attribute available ?


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