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Subject zipfile with manifest
Date Sun, 14 Aug 2005 20:28:19 GMT
<> seems to be
saying that ant creates the manifest in the standard place, the META-INF
directory, specified by
<>, which is
putting the manifest in the META-INF directory.  Is that a correct
reading of the manual?

I'm writing a plugin for JamochaMUD <>.
JamochaMUD requires that the plug-in be in a zip file, but that the
extension is .jpa <>.  Also,
the manifest must be moved from The META-INF directory to the top

I think what that means is that JamochaMUD is looking for a jar file,
but with a .jpa extension and the manifest moved to the top level.

Without commenting on the wisdom of those requirements, how do I meet

I'm looking at <> and
this seems to be the ticket.

How do I get the manifest into the zip file from ant?



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