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From "Scott Bell" <>
Subject can ant solve this rather complex challenge
Date Tue, 23 Aug 2005 16:28:09 GMT

Problem statement:

I have a number of simple tcl scripts, and they take a set number of params 
as input (argv). Usually 1-10 params.  They can all run standalone, but have 
dependencies. ANT is therefore perfect for them.

I have the params that I send to the scripts as named value pairs in a set 
of property files. We clone the property files for each objects we want 

For example

we would send to hostobject.tcl twice to create two objects.

Ok, so far...but, its not a good way to run a deployment, run a script twice 

But it gets more complicated. There are about 10 difference scripts and with 
each script, we  often need to create many objects, each with its own 

So here is the solution (question is, can ANT make it possible):

We want to run each one of the scripts,  once for every property file that 
EXISTS, and we want to use ant to drive the whole thing.

So, if there is a a directory, ant knows it 
needs to run the script for it to create the object.

So ant goes and
1. finds the properties files
2. understands from the name of the property file what task to execute and 
pass it to
3. iterates over all files, calls the correct task once for each property 
file it has

Even better, we can put cloned property files into directories to keep 
everything neat and tidy.

How do we do this?  Can ANT make it work? or do I need a shell script.

There are filesets, macrodefs..etc.

We use 1.5 of ant, but..can upgrade to 1.6, if required. 1.5 solution 

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