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From "Mark Benussi" <>
Subject RE: Eclipse input task -inputhandler
Date Sun, 07 Aug 2005 06:37:04 GMT
Worked like a dream Darin, well done that man!

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From: Darin Swanson [] 
Sent: 05 August 2005 15:47
To: Ant Users List
Subject: Re: Eclipse input task -inputhandler

Eclipse has an input handler for both same and separate JREs in the 3.1 
I highly recommend moving to the Eclipse 3.1 release.


Jeffrey E Care/Raleigh/IBM@ibmus 
08/05/2005 04:22 AM
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Re: Eclipse input task -inputhandler

You shouldn't need to specify an input handler, so long as you are running 

in the same JRE as the workspace (look on the "JRE" tab of your "External 
Tools" run configuration).

I'm pretty sure that under 3.0 & earlier Eclipse will not prompt you if 
you run your Ant build in different VM than the workspace; I do vaguely 
recall something in the 3.1 plan to add prompting for external VMs, but I 
can't say for sure.

Jeffrey E. Care (
WebSphere v7 Release Engineer
WebSphere Build Tooling Lead (Project Mantis)

"Mark Benussi" <> 
08/05/2005 07:04 AM
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"'Ant Users List'" <>

Eclipse input task -inputhandler

I know this may have been asked before but I just don't get the docs.


How do I configure the -inputhandler to ensure the input task prompts me


I am using Eclipse 3.0 (Was using WSAD 5.0 but downgraded :-()



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