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From "Dominique Devienne" <>
Subject RE: Retrieving a XML file generated by JavaScript ?
Date Mon, 29 Aug 2005 14:10:39 GMT
> From: Nicolas Vervelle []
> I want to get the file that is see when I enter the following address
> in my browser :
> I tried the <get> task but it doesn't download what I need : it
> download the javascript that is used to generate the XML file, not the
> XML file itself.
> Is there any way to get this XML from Ant ?

Probably not. <get> downloads the raw 'file' at the URL. What you want is
the result of executing this 'file' by an application like a web browser
(client side), and it's built-in JavaScript interpreter, which is quite

I guess you could imagine parsing the HTML, extract the JavaScript, and run
it using a Java-based JavaScript interpreter like Rhino, but that would be
quite an undertaking.

The transformation needs to be server-side for <get> to be useful in your
case. Sorry, but <get> gets you raw bytes and nothing more. --DD

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