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From "Dominique Devienne" <>
Subject RE: CVS Task
Date Fri, 26 Aug 2005 18:40:10 GMT
> From: Joe Rice []
> I have a CVS Tree with a top directory called source that I want to
> ignore.  So my tree is:
> source/project1
> source/project2
> I used eclipse to do the checkout and it ignored the top directory (I
> assume with the -d option in the checkout command) so that in eclipse I
> have
> c:/workspaces/project1
> c:/workspaces/project2
> When I try to use the following ant cvs task to do an update, it errors
> out saying there isn't a source directory.
>     <cvs cvsRoot="${cvsPath}"
>          package="source/project1"
>          command="-q update -dP"
>          dest="c:/workspaces"/>
>     <cvs cvsRoot="${cvsPath}"
>          package="source/project2"
>          command="-q update -dP"
>          dest="c:/workspaces"/>
> Is there a flag to make ant realize that the source directory has been
> removed and to just do the update on workspaces/project1 and
> workspaces/project2?

If you do an update, you don't need to specify the CVSROOT nor the package,
both are recorded in CVS/Root and CVS/Repository, respectively. Here's how I
do updates myself:

    <property name="cvs.exe" value="cvs" />
    <exec executable="${cvs.exe}" dir="${basedir}" failonerror="true">
      <arg line="-z3 -q update -dP" />

where ${basedir} the root dir of the tree I want to update. I'm sure you can
do the same with <cvs> somehow, but I prefer to <exec> the cvs exe myself.
I've always found <cvs> weird to use. --DD

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