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From "David A. Bartmess" <>
Subject Re: Question about deprecation
Date Sun, 14 Aug 2005 14:28:30 GMT
Use the "deprecation" attribute on the javac element... Set it to 
true for using deprecation, false for not. It defaults to false.

We use this all the time to allow deprecated API's to be used for a 
couple version past when we deprecate them, just because our 
customers don't always have the time (just like us) to modify all 
their code to match the new API's...

Good luck!

At 03:02 PM 8/12/2005, you wrote:
>I'm new to the mailing list, and have a question about compiling
>deprecated classes.  Is it possible, when compiling with Ant, to
>arrange the compilation so that deprecated classes are not ignored
>during the build?
> >From what I've read, the Java compiler will ignore deprecated classes
>when compileing a package, and only provide comments during the
>compilation of dependent packages.  We'd like to see if we can
>remove deprecated classes from a build, without necessarily removing
>them from the directory structure or repository.

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