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From "Burgess, Benjamin" <>
Subject RE: Probs with property expansion in <for> loops
Date Tue, 30 Aug 2005 13:23:20 GMT
In core ant, properties are immutable.  Also, there are no <for> loops.
However, using ant-contrib you can add a for loop.  Also with
ant-contrib you will have to use <var name="updatelist" unset="true"/>
to unset the property.

Ben Burgess

-----Original Message-----
From: Rebhan, Gilbert [] 
Sent: Tuesday, August 30, 2005 9:18 AM
Subject: Probs with property expansion in <for> loops


i have a problem with properties in <for>

scenario =

Three lists :
- list with all environments that should be served
  (loaded outside all loops)
- list with all servers of one environment
  (loaded in loop 2)
- list of files to be deleted on those servers
- list of files to be copied to those servers
  (generated in the outer loop 1 by a java class,
    loaded in loop 3 and loop 4)

Buildfile structure :


<!-- property = list with all environments -->
<loadfile property="Lums" srcFile="K:\r1p1l01a1\luminfo.txt" />

	<target name="main" depends="doall" />

	<target name="doall">

		<!-- // start loop 1 // -->

	<for list="${Lums}" param="Lum">
	<untar src="K:\r1p1l01a1/@{Lum}/transfer/tarfile_@{Lum}.tar" 
	   overwrite="true" />
	<loadfile property="server" srcFile="K:\r1p1l01a1\server_@{Lum}"

<java classname="de. ... .ParseCCLogs" failonerror="true">
	<arg value="K:\r1p1l01a1/@{Lum}/transfer" />
	<arg value="K:\r1p1l01a1/@{Lum}/temp/updated.txt" />
	<arg value="K:\r1p1l01a1/@{Lum}/temp/deleted.txt" />

<!-- files to be deleted on all servers-->		
<loadfile property="updatelist"
srcFile="K:\r1p1l01a1/@{Lum}/temp/updated.txt" />

<!-- files to be copied to all servers-->
<loadfile property="deletelist"
srcFile="K:\r1p1l01a1/@{Lum}/temp/deleted.txt" />

	<!-- // start loop 2 //  -->
	<for list="${server}" param="server">
                       <!-- // start loop 3 // -->
		<for list="${deletelist}" param="delfile">
		<echo message="Delete file -> @{delfile}" />
		</for> <!-- // end loop 3 // -->
                         <!-- // start loop 4 // -->
		<for list="${updatelist}" param="copyfile">
		<echo message="Copy file -> @{copyfile}" />
		</for> <!-- // end loop 4 // -->

	</for>	<!-- // end Loop 2 // -->
</for><!-- // end Loop 1 // -->

Problem =

Once the first time the updatelist and deletelist are loaded for the
first environment = @{Lum} it cannot be overwrited for the next
environment in the list ${Lums}.

debugmode says :
Override ignored for property updatelist
Override ignored for property deletelist
when getting into the loop for the second @{Lum}

Question =

How to make that loops work with a list of input properties,
properties expanded correct ?

If for loops are the wrong way, what should i do instead ?

I wanted to avoid several foreach loops.

Any hints ?

Regards, Gilbert

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