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From Jochen Theodorou <>
Subject custom classloader for a task
Date Mon, 29 Aug 2005 22:38:25 GMT
Hi all,

Te problem I have is a little complex but I hope you can help me. Groovy 
has an ant task to compile groovy classes and a task to use groovy from 
within ant see for details. 
But in some enviroments such as in maven with certain plugins we have 
conflicting jars. I mean jars of a different version than needed by 
groovy. For example antlr or asm.

Our current workaround for the compile task (groovyc) is to fork the VM. 
But this can't be the solution? I mean isn't there a possibility to load 
a task through a custom classloader? It's no problem for me to write 
such a loader, but where to wire it in? I know about the loaderref 
attribute, but as far as I understand this attribute is for reusing a 
classloader. A normal classloader can't be used since a normal 
classloader looks for a class first in the parent and if the parent 
knows the conflicting jar/class then we have the same problem as before.

I heard that when you do loaderref="root" in a maven project you get the 
ant-loader, but that will be no help if the normal classpath contains a 
conflicting jar for another task. Maybe someone can explain me if a 
classpath from a taskdef is added to the loader reffered by loaderref. 
If so the ant-loader will be polluted too.

I am looking for a really easy to use soultion, don't know if it exists. 
But maybe you can give some hints as I am really no ant/maven expert.

If there are significant changes in ant in this area since 1.6.2 
pleasetell me too. If you ahve an idea how to solve that problem in a 
completly different way, I would like to hear them.

btw: of course I know this is no maven list ;)

bye blackdrag

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