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From Taner Diler <>
Subject how can I change value of property in runtime?
Date Thu, 25 Aug 2005 10:51:07 GMT

I have a problem with properties that defined in xml. I'm  reading a 
property (has "test-0" value) from properties file and I try to change 
its value
by using ' <property name="${LOGICAL_SON_ISLEM_DIZINI}" value="test-1"/>'.

when I display value of the property by using echo, "test-0" is still 
being displayed.  How can I change value of the property in runtime?

<?xml version="1.0" ?>
<project name="structured" default="READER_CALLER" >
    <property name="SEPARATOR" value=";"/>
    <property name="rtdir" value="D:\\riskturk"/>
    <property name="RTDIR" value="D:\\riskturk"/>
    <property name="" value="KREDIRISK"/>
    <property name="" value="CREDIT_IMPORTER"/>
    <property name="credit_importer.path" 
    <property name="tomcat.home"  value="C:\\TOMCAT"/>
    <property name="lib.home" 
    <property name="credit_importer.porperties.file" 

    <path id="project.class.path">
path="${rtdir}\\${}\\WEB-INF\\classes" />
        <fileset dir="${lib.home}">
            <include name="*.jar"/>
        <fileset dir="${tomcat.home}\\common\\lib">
            <include name="servlet.jar"/>
    <!-- ${credit_importer.porperties.file} has 
    <target name="READ_FROM_PROPERTY_FILE">
        <property file="${credit_importer.porperties.file}"/>
        <!-- read ${LOGICAL_SON_ISLEM_DIZINI} property from property 
file. -->
        <!-- write ${LOGICAL_SON_ISLEM_DIZINI} property to screen as 
        <echo message="${LOGICAL_SON_ISLEM_DIZINI}"/>

    <target name="READER_CALLER" depends="READ_FROM_PROPERTY_FILE">
        <!-- change value of ${LOGICAL_SON_ISLEM_DIZINI} property to 
"test-1"  in runtime -->
        <property name="${LOGICAL_SON_ISLEM_DIZINI}" value="test-1"/>
        <!-- but it is still writing "test-0" to screen -->
        <echo message="${LOGICAL_SON_ISLEM_DIZINI}"/>

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