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From Gad Abraham <>
Subject Updating jar fails
Date Fri, 19 Aug 2005 07:51:48 GMT

I've seen this problem before on this list but no answers were given.

I'm trying to add a class file to an existing jar, but it fails silently
(does nothing whatsoever). I even try to sleep for 5 seconds so the
class file gets a newer timestamp than the jar (they end up having a
very close timestamp nonetheless).

<target name="packAWT" depends="compileAWT, init">
   <copy file="src/applet.jar" todir="dest"/>
   <sleep seconds="5"/>
   <touch file="dest/e3/e30.class"/>
   <jar destfile="dest/applet.jar"
	includes="dest/e3/e30.class" />

Running ant with -debug shows nothing. Ant version is 1.6.5 on Java
1.4.2_08b for Linux.

Any ideas?


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