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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject Re: Ant dependencies task
Date Tue, 16 Aug 2005 09:20:36 GMT
Frank W. Zammetti wrote:
>>or you make every target conditional
>>and then turn on and off on the command line
> For the way I work, this isn't feasible... I don't use an IDE, I use
> UltraEdit... I have a single keystroke that executes the script, and I
> don't have the opportunity to alter the command line (that's not
> *entirely* true... I *could* pass some things to it, but it's more trouble
> than it's worth).

no, you create a file with all the various settings in, 
and load it in at the beginning of your build


load this with
<property file="" />

you get the switching, you get the IDE support, you get proper ant 
dependency logic.

>>declaring dependencies is the core of ant's dependency logic.
> Understood.  But, except for the dependency task this thread started
> about, my targets are all independant units, they aren't truly
> dependencies.  This is true of every script I've written to date.  No
> doubt it I had true dependencies I probably would change the way I do
> thing s:)

you've just introduced dependencies, havent you? All your tasks now 
depend upon the initial setup phase, which means there is nominally one 
target that your others depend on

> I'm not especially worried about the performance hit, but not being able
> to pass information I could see burning me at some point certiainly.
>>Try the other way, try using dependencies. trust the runtime
> I do appreciate the suggestions Steve! :)  I'm fine for now, but I will
> keep in mind the things you said for when I reach the point where I'm not
> any more.

I would recommend you start now, before you paint yourself into a 
corner. By the time you discover that things are in a mess, it is 
usually just before a deadline, the build is more complex, things are 
too late to fix, etc, etc. Learn the right way at the beginning, when 
the schedule pressure is least.


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