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From Nicolas Vervelle <>
Subject Re: Copy task and timestamp
Date Tue, 02 Aug 2005 13:18:43 GMT wrote:

>Hi All,
>          While you use Copy task it will change the timestamp of that
>file, i.e. if "old.txt" file was created on July 12, 2000 when you copy
>this file on Aug 12, 2005 to certain location Copy task will change its
>timestamp(or modified date) to Aug 12, 2005, hope people are getting me.
>What I want is that Copy task should not change the date modified of the
>old.txt file, it should retain the same old date.
>How can this be achieved, can anybody give thought on this.
>Actually changing of modified date doesn't give the clear picture what
>was the actual modified date of the particular file.
>Can any one help me out?
Just use the "preservelastmodified" attribute of <copy>


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