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From Alexey Kakunin <>
Subject Re: Ant file dependency
Date Tue, 02 Aug 2005 08:57:43 GMT
Thank you, exactly that we need.

Ninju Bohra wrote:

>Take a look at the <uptodate> task and use it to set a property, say idl.has.changed,
to true.
>Then create a seperate target, called invoke.idl.compiler, which contains the <exec>
task to invoke the idlcompiler.  Use the if="idl.has.changed"  attribute of the target so
that the <exec> will only be run if the idl.has.changed property is set.
>Alexey Kakunin <> wrote:
>Hello all!
>I'm quite new in ant, actuallyI'm migrating from make.
>Seems it is really great tool, but I have some (probably very stupid) 
>For example, I have a target for compiling something by using 
>idl-compiler. To do it I should use exec task to make SomeFile.h from 
>SomeFile.idl. But I want to call this exec only in case the SomeFIle.idl 
>was changed (has later timestamp comparing to SomeFile.h). In this case 
>I have some sort of file dependency (not a target dependency) - file 
>SomeFile.h depends from SomeFile.idl.
>Is it possible to implement this sort of dependency in ant?
>With best Regards,
>Alexey Kakunin
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