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From "Frank W. Zammetti" <>
Subject Re: Ant dependencies task
Date Mon, 15 Aug 2005 13:31:07 GMT
> or you make every target conditional
> unless="compile.disabled"
> and then turn on and off on the command line

For the way I work, this isn't feasible... I don't use an IDE, I use
UltraEdit... I have a single keystroke that executes the script, and I
don't have the opportunity to alter the command line (that's not
*entirely* true... I *could* pass some things to it, but it's more trouble
than it's worth).

> declaring dependencies is the core of ant's dependency logic.

Understood.  But, except for the dependency task this thread started
about, my targets are all independant units, they aren't truly
dependencies.  This is true of every script I've written to date.  No
doubt it I had true dependencies I probably would change the way I do
thing s:)

> well, you can start that way, but before long you will reach the
> limitations

I will trust in your experience on that point :)  There may well come a
time when I hit a limitation, but it hasn't happened yet (well, aside from
this dependency task thing of course)!

> You cannot pass information from one antcall to another; you take the
> performance hit of every target requiring the entire project being
> cloned and rerun.

I'm not especially worried about the performance hit, but not being able
to pass information I could see burning me at some point certiainly.

> Try the other way, try using dependencies. trust the runtime
> steve

I do appreciate the suggestions Steve! :)  I'm fine for now, but I will
keep in mind the things you said for when I reach the point where I'm not
any more.


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