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From <>
Subject Depend selector with a mapper ?
Date Tue, 16 Aug 2005 19:55:10 GMT
Does anyone have a working example of a depend selector that uses a 
regexp mapper?  I must be getting the syntax wrong somehow.  Here's 
what I have:

            <fileset dir="${testRep}" includes="**">
               <depend targetdir="${testSrc}">
                  <mapper id="rmap" type="regexp"

In the above, I'm trying to get files in ${testRep} that are newer than 
the files in ${testSrc}, and I'm using the mapper because files in 
${testRep} are prefixed with an "s."   I'm pretty sure the mapper is 
working, because the ant code:

       <pathconvert property="x" pathsep=" ">
            <fileset dir="${testRep}" includes="**"/>
         <mapper refid="rmap"/>
      <echo>mapped to files ${x}</echo>

does in fact print out the translated file names.  However, the fileset 
(from the first bit of code) is empty, even though the files in 
${testRep} are in fact newer.

       --Paul Lynch

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