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From etienne_frejaville <>
Subject Pb with copy and present selector
Date Tue, 16 Aug 2005 17:04:03 GMT

I'm trying desperately to overwrite files from a source directory if they exist in a target
The source and target directory have not the same hierarchy, source is flat and directory
has sublevels.

Example of hierarchy:



and I want that the names of the files to copy are obtained from dest and copied from source
to dest, i.e :

root/source/A.html copied on root/dest/x/A.html
root/source/B.html copied on root/dest/y/B.html
root/source/C.html copied on root/dest/y/C.html

In shell, it's easily done like that:

cd root/dest
for i in */*.html
 cp ../source/`basename $i` $i

With ant, I've tried:

(launched from root directory) :

		<copy todir="dest" verbose="true">
			<fileset dir="source">
			   <present targetdir="dest">
                                <mapper type="regexp" from="(.*)\\(.*).html$$" to="\2.html"/>

But it doesn't copy anything.
Actually, I'm quite puzzled with fileset and mappers.
Any idea? I've found very little literature on that subject.

As a corollary question, is there any tool that allows debugging such tasks, showing what
is matched on each task .?

Thanks in advance.

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