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From "Ola Lie" <>
Subject SV: junit task problem
Date Sun, 07 Aug 2005 11:09:31 GMT
Hi again,

The Java Communications API calls caused my problem. When I installed
comm.jar og in the ant\lib directory and win32com.dll
in the ant\bin directory, it worked all right.

However, I do not know why this is necessary as long as I had the classpath
set to the java directory where I originally installed java comm api.

Best regards

-----Opprinnelig melding-----
Fra: Ola Lie [] 
Sendt: 4. august 2005 03:51
Emne: junit task problem



I have a class with a method getNames() which returns a List ( ArrayList).

Then I have test class with a testGetNames() method

which assertTrue if the List contains certain elements. 


The testGetNames() passes when I compile and run the test from the command

(java "test class name"  - which calls;
from main) 


However, when I try to use ant, the getNames() method of the class I am

runs, but returns an empty List so the same testGetNames() fails.

(<test name="${}" />)


I am uncertain how to troubleshoot this problem. In the java program? In the

In the build.xml?  Appreciate all advice I can get.




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