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From Marcel Stör <>
Subject RE: [Junit] How to handle TestSuites correctly
Date Tue, 30 Aug 2005 20:05:34 GMT
Keith Hatton wrote:
> forkmode="once" will take care of that if you are using Ant 1.6.2+.
> Also, has a set of Junit extensions
> such as an OrderedTestSuite that might help you. (Of course, the
> purist approach says your unit tests should be independent of one
> another, but there can be times when that's just not the case).

Well, I guess I didn't express myself precisly enough, sorry. The tests
don't depend on each other. It's just that each test starts up its own
application context in the underlying framework since it is run in its
own memory realm. That takes up too much time and that's why are looking
for solutions to have all tests run in the same context.


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