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From Chad Armstrong <>
Subject antcall with antcontrib's RemoteAnt?
Date Tue, 12 Jul 2005 18:15:01 GMT
  I've gotten some help from this list in setting up antcontrib's
RemoteAnt task, and have it mostly working (for which I am greatly
indebted.) Now, however, I'm up against another issue.

  I have a build script on an XP box that kicks off (using RemoteAnt)
a build file on a Linux box. But the Linux build file script (the
'subprocess' of the Windows build script) fails whenever it hits an
[antcall] tag.

  Is there some limitation there that I don't know about? I was
thinking of replacing the [antcall] tags with [macrodef], but the
current [antcall] targets are conditional on other variables defined
in my script, and [macrodefs] don't take the [if] attribute.

thanks for any help

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