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From "Chris" <>
Subject Property value coming from unknown source
Date Tue, 05 Jul 2005 01:35:51 GMT
This is probably something stupid, but... I just upgraded to Eclipse 3.1
with Ant 1.65. I moved some projects around, and now one of my Ant scripts
is mysteriously resetting a property value at run time.

 <property name="version" value="3.5.1" />
 <target name="versiontest">

If I run the "versiontest" target, I get:

        [echo] 2.4.1

2.4.1 is an older version of the app. But this version number does not
appear anywhere in the build.xml, any of the project's source files or
project files. It doesn't appear to be in the environment anywhere. I can't
figure out where Ant is getting it from. What am I missing?

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