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From Patrick Martin <>
Subject No BuildFinished event in subproject
Date Thu, 28 Jul 2005 09:34:54 GMT

I am writing a task that runs tasks in background and listens to build
events in order to make sure background threads finish before the
build ends (as suggested in [1]).

The trick works perfectly well when running the task in the main
project, but I never get the BuildFinished event when I run the task
from a subproject (created with antcall).

For example, the following script:

<target name="test">
	<antcall target="test2" />

<target name="test2">
	<taskdef name="invoke" classname="com.sardak.antform.util.TargetInvoker" />
	<invoke target="longTarget" background="true" />

<target name="longTarget">
	<echo message="before wait" />
	<waitfor maxwait="5" maxwaitunit="second">
		<isset property="" />
	<echo message="after wait" />

Calling test2 works: the build waits until the completion of longTarget.
Calling test fails: the build finishes before teh completion of longTarget.

Does it mean that subproject never fire a BuildFinished event?

I am not including the task sources because it might be a bit long,
but I can do it if needed.

Thank you,



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