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From Dave <>
Subject build dies when called from cron
Date Tue, 19 Jul 2005 02:46:18 GMT
Hi - 

I have a build system which works fine from the command line, but
stops mysteriously when I run it from cron.

The build file structure for my application has a master file at the
top, which calls targets on submodules, some of which have

There's a shell script wrapper which calls the master build.xml file,
and it runs fine from the command line.

When it runs from cron (after adding the -verbose flag), I see in the
logs that it get this far in compiling the first of the sub-submodules
and then exits without any errors:

    [javac] Files to be compiled:
    [javac]     /path/to/
    [javac]     /path/to/
      [ant] Exiting /path/to/sub-submodule/build.xml.
      [ant] Exiting /path/to/submodule/build.xml.
      [ant] Exiting /path/to/submodule/build.xml.
  [antcall] Exiting /path/to/master-build.xml.
  [antcall] Exiting /path/to/master-build.xml.

When I run the same shell script from the command line, it gets to the
same place and then keeps going with the jar task which comes after
the javac task:

    [javac] Files to be compiled:
    [javac]     /path/to/
    [javac]     /path/to/
     [echo] making jar files for sub-submodule
    [mkdir] Created dir: /path/to/submodule/lib/classes/META-INF
     [copy] MANIFEST.MF added as MANIFEST.MF doesn't exist.
... and so on until it finishes all the modules.

The cron job is set up like this:

30 2 * * * /path/to/ > /tmp/cron.log

Any ideas? Thanks!

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