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From Roedy Green <>
Subject Re: how to make hierarchical build possible with ANT?
Date Fri, 29 Jul 2005 03:47:40 GMT
At 19:19 7/28/2005, you wrote:
>    I have to create a directory structure for a project in which 
> one dir has many sub dirs.
>now how to call build.xml of subdirectories from top level build.xml.

I have just been experimenting with that myself.  Here is what I have 
done so far:

The key in the <ant and <subant tasks.

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<!-- compile and jar the universe using ant, does all cleans before 
all compiles -->
<project name="everything" default="jar" basedir="C:\">

<target name="clean">
   <subant target="clean">
     <fileset dir="com/mindprod" includes="*/build.xml"/>

<target name="compile">
<!-- do a few crucial J11 ones first -->
<ant antfile="com/mindprod/ledatastream/build.xml" target="compile"></ant>
<ant antfile="com/mindprod/common11/build.xml" target="compile"></ant>
<ant antfile="com/mindprod/csv/build.xml" target="compile"></ant>
<ant antfile="com/mindprod/go/build.xml" target="compile"></ant>
<ant antfile="com/mindprod/hunkio/build.xml" target="compile"></ant>
<ant antfile="com/mindprod/isbn/build.xml" target="compile"></ant>
<!-- j12 -->
<ant antfile="com/mindprod/entities/build.xml" target="compile"></ant>
<ant antfile="com/mindprod/jtokens/build.xml" target="compile"></ant>
<ant antfile="com/mindprod/jdisplay/build.xml" target="compile"></ant>
<!-- J15 -->
<ant antfile="com/mindprod/comparators/build.xml" target="compile"></ant>
<ant antfile="com/mindprod/filter/build.xml" target="compile"></ant>

<!-- the rest, repeating those done already -->

   <subant target="compile">
     <fileset dir="com/mindprod" includes="*/build.xml"/>

<target name="jar" depends="compile">

   <subant target="jar" >
     <fileset dir="com/mindprod" includes="*/build.xml"/>


Canadian Mind Products
#327 - 964 Heywood Avenue
Victoria, BC CANADA V8V 2Y5
roedy green                (250) 361-9093 emergency

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