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From Conor MacNeill <>
Subject Re: classpath comfusion ?
Date Wed, 20 Jul 2005 02:14:44 GMT

Thomas Matthijs wrote:
> Hey,
> A few questions:
> When invoking ant with only ant-launcher.jar on the 
> localclasspath(java) it automaticly picks up tasks in ANT_LIB, but when
> i add ant.jar or some ant-* (optional tasks) (located in ant_lib) too the
> localclasspath it no longer seems too pick up any other jars in
> ant_lib (not in localcp)

This is due to the way classloadrs work. When a class is loaded by the
root classloader it will not be able to see classes which are loadable
by the launcher's loader.

> I've been looking at the code and can't see how it would make a
> diffrence.
> The fedora run script seems to add ant.jar and ant-launcher.jar and all
> optional jars too the localclasspath aswwel. Debian does the same if i'm
> not mistaken. Are they doeing the wrong thing?

Yes, IMHO.


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