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From Ingo Siebert <>
Subject how to use a fileset with the pack200 task?
Date Tue, 19 Jul 2005 16:11:36 GMT

i just want to create a pack200 archives of my jar files.
At the moment, i'm sign my jars with this target:

<target name="sign.war.temp" if="sign.client.jars">
   <signjar alias="z" keystore="z" storepass="z" lazy="true">
     <fileset dir="${temp.web.dir}/clientLib" includes="**/*.jar"/>

Now i want to create for every *.jar in my "clientLib" directory a 

The pack200 task is used this way:
   <pack200 src="$....jar" destfile="$....jar.pack" />

My problem is, that my <pack200> task doesn't accept embedded filesets.

I'm looking for an ant task which calls an other task for every file in 
the fileset?
Or any other idea how i can create all my pack200 archives of all my jars?



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